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Welcome to Abphina, a company dedicated to providing solutions to complex management systems. Abphina is a Technology Management Consulting firm founded in 2014 in New York. Abphina began with a quest and a vision to find solutions to the unique challenges of Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Leadership, Innovations, and Technology Management. Our company has since evolved into an innovative solution provider like no other, borrowing from our extensive years of expertise in developing and managing complex management systems.

Our first project was to build the foundations of our company; an environment that foster innovations with positive human impact. Each of our service solution is carefully crafted with a sense of the community it serves and we take pride in integrating quality into our service solutions. Together with a single driven purpose, our work is supported by extraordinary minds and talents who leave every stone unturned and work tirelessly to support our mission.

We primarily operate in agile work environments which enables us to execute projects with precision and accuracy.

A key highlight to our organization is our people who help us engineer optimal service solutions for our clients. As solutions architect to complex management systems, we measure our success by the value we bring to companies through our services. From Academia to Industry, we have developed and launch products that continue to inspire innovation.

Over the years we have achieved significant milestones with service solutions parallel to our core values and mission statement. Continue reading on to learn more about us, our people, our values and much more. Backed by mobile and virtual technology platforms that allow real-time project updates to our clients, we align our core competencies to the business needs of our clients to help deliver optimal solutions. Simply put, we bring solutions to light. Abphina offers a variety of consulting services in the areas of Quality Systems Regulation, Quality Management, Technology Transfer Management, and Regulatory Affairs. Get in touch to see how we can assist your organization.

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